Stuck on HBITS??  Locked out of PBITS??

Still interested in NYS and NYC opportunities?

Join the Sanghi Consulting Affiliate Network! 


We can provide you with:

Access to New York State spending opportunities.

     A channel to sell YOUR services to YOUR customers. 



  • Mentoring

  • Network Events

  • Affiliate showcase exposure

  • Project support

  • Back office support

  • Training and professional development

  • Tax and insurance assistance


Click here to find out more about our requirements for becoming an affiliate partner with Sanghi Consulting, Inc.

People: Choosing the right talent

At Sanghi Consulting, we recognize the value of building collaborative partnerships. Through our outstanding affiliate program, we can provide a variety of highly-trained professionals capable of meeting the goals and expectations of your project. Allow us to assess your needs and recommend the experienced professional who will be the best fit. Or, if you’d rather be a part of the process, we’ll supply you with options and leave the final decision to you!

Process: Leveraging your investment

As one of a limited group of licensed Project-Based Information Technology Services (PBITS) contract holders under NYS Office of General Services, Sanghi Consulting, Inc. is uniquely positioned to leverage our capabilities with your expertise, providing you with exceptional access to New York State opportunities and resources. A group of experienced professionals, we also offer project support, business mentoring, and hands-on training. 


Contact us to find out about current opportunities and learn how you can do business with us.