Asset-Based Consulting (ABC) - Enabling Shorter Projects at Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) via Discretionary Acquisitions

Need to make a fast, focused, and tactical impact? Our Asset-Based Consulting (ABC) service products are completely customizable packages of our best project-oriented Intellectual Property (IP) assets for faster deployment and faster results. 

By packaging our proven project tools, frameworks, and blueprints below discretionary thresholds, we can modularize delivery for maximum speed, cost-efficiency, and flexibility. Customized Asset-Based Consulting (ABC) packages can be deployed at any stage of your project lifecycle.  



With our Statewide OGS PBITS Contract #PB043AA, you can rest assured your discretionary decision is already justifiable. Sanghi Consulting has:

  • Demonstrated our capability and capacity to deliver professional services to NYS standards
  • Demonstrated our responsibility as a NYS vendor (NYS Vendor ID/SFS Number: 1000019076)
  • Demonstrated our insurance assets protecting NYS as vetted by OGS
  • Demonstrated our professional services rates are reasonable