Integrated Project Team Delivery System

Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for NYS public value project acquisition means continually managing:

  •     Direct Acquisition Costs/Time  
  •     Long-Term Operating Costs
  •        Indirect Personnel/Staff Costs

Sanghi Consulting’s exclusive Integrated Project Team Delivery System (IPTDS) for PBITS Focuses on all TCO components by continually assessing the TCO positions of the following nine factors across the entire project life cycle.  


Our Team:  

  • Comprised of over 92 Subject Matter Experts (SME) in Technology, Business, Management and Human Capital Disciplines (lowering direct acquisition  costs)

  • Our SMEs deliver expertise via Training, Mentoring and Consulting investment levels (lowering direct acquisition costs)
  • Boasts an extensive Affiliate Network to acquire on-demand specialty domain expertise (lowering direct acquisition costs)

Your Internal Team

  • Empowering your FTE staff to execute project deliverables though training, tools and mentoring (lowering direct acquisition costs) 
  • Engaging your FTE in key work items for continual, often and up-front knowledge transfer (lowering long-term operating costs)
  • Collaborating with your FTE staff to deliver superior quality project deliverables by soliciting and leveraging their institutional knowledge 

Your Partners:  

  • Right-sourcing project deliverables to best-positioned HBITS and umbrella contract partners
  • Working within cross-agency/cross-stakeholder collaborations and leveraging Statewide shared services
  • Working seamlessly with your vendors and consulting teams 


Tools & Training  We Tell You How to Do It:

  • Building your internal FTE’s capabilities and capacity as project resources by just-in-time and just-enough training  
  • Delivering tools and templates based on our best practices assets for high-impact and low-cost deliverables 
  • Custom and multi-channel training delivery for internal FTE redeployment to fill key project roles and responsibilities 

Mentored Projects /Learning – We Show You How to Do It:

  • Increases internal capabilities without impacting project schedules (vs classroom training)
  • Outcome-focused results, accelerating the project’s critical path
  • Increases employee engagement by quickly applying learning to on-the-job project tasks

Consulting  – We Do It:

  • Pre-existing, firm-based best practices assets to for project acceleration   
  • Proven methodologies and techniques to accelerate results and improve quality  
  • Human Capital Assets to deliver key capabilities and expertise


Agile Project Management:  

  • Progressive project elaboration speeding project initiation 
  • Adaptable flexibility to adjust to dynamic priorities and solution needs 
  • Engineering early, frequent and demonstrable incremental organizational wins 

Dynamic Project Pricing: 

  • Per sprint, choose Training, Mentoring or Consulting pricing levels 
  • Per sprint, choose your FTE and partner project team resources
  • Per sprint, choose a fixed-TCO target  

Modular Contracting:  

  • Reduces project risks by pre-engineering project flexibility
  • Periodically identifies lower TCO alternatives and newer (better) solution alternatives
  • Acquires best-of-class inter-operable modules to lower overall TCO