Flexible, Mode-Based Pricing (MBP) to Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Sanghi Consulting lowers your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by offering Mode-Based Pricing (MBP) – not the bloated pyramid cost structures of traditional consulting firms. 

MBP means you choose the right consultant, in the right delivery mode, at the right time.

Unbundling service delivery pricing increases flexibility, reduces budget risks, and puts you in the driver’s seat of your own TCO.

Instead of pre-determined, rigid, and hierarchical billing roles, we deliver all of our human capital in three “modes” to fit your TCO objectives: 

1.       Training – Just-in-time knowledge transfer of the specific skills necessary for the project’s schedule, developing your staff’s internal capabilities, proficiency, and long-term capacity.

2.       Mentoring – Hands-on development of your staff’s theoretical and practical understanding of project tasks and deliverables for long-term sustainability and workforce transformation.

3.       Consulting – our delivery of specific project tasks and deliverables.

Training, Mentoring Consulting.PNG

Billing Bands for Mode Based Pricing (MBP)

The following matrix defines the Not to Exceed (NTE) hourly bill rate bands (range) per professional service delivery mode:

Roles and Expertise Across Modes

Sanghi Consulting can deploy over 90+ functional roles and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in any one of the three modes of delivery (training, mentoring, consulting).  Each functional role is defined by qualifying KSAs, determining billing band.  

Sanghi Consulting Rates Are Reasonable: Comparison to HBITS Market Rates 

While Sanghi Consulting has already demonstrated our consulting NTE Rates are “reasonable” to the New York State Office of General Services (page 12 of 44 of Contract #PB043AA), presenting comparable and current market pricing is another method of establishing reasonableness of price. The HBITS market for Staff Augmentation is a comparable and current market price data set to determine our consulting prices are reasonable: