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People are an essential part of running any business. If this is true, why then do so many organizations view people as a cost instead of an asset? Wouldn’t it make sense that such an important asset be valued and invested in rather than being categorized as an expense?

At Sanghi Consulting, we believe people matter and that by investing in them, you allow your employees to reach their maximum potential, ultimately maximizing the success of your business as a whole. The problem is, too many companies focus on increasing short-term profits by decreasing ALL costs including employees benefits, wages, and development budgets. This way of thinking creates an unsustainable business environment by hampering asset growth instead of fostering their improvement and ability to add value to the organization.


There are many best-practice methodologies that have been created to address people  in the business environment. By utilizing these methods, you can improve your organization’s human capital in ways that have been tested and proven to work. Investing in your employees can take many different forms, with many different goals in mind. Since every single one of your human capital resources is unique, it can be a challenge to effectively interact with them all. Proper communication is an important skill that is often overlooked, but can make a huge impact on your people's performance. Investing in them is an ongoing process. Effective people drive a company forward; if they lose momentum, the business suffers.

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