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Organizations are constantly being asked to “do more with less”. When people hear this they often think that it means to “lower cost” or “become more efficient”. This is only half the story; organizations must not only be more efficient, but they must also improve effectiveness.

Redesigning the processes that make up a business is a common method to increase efficiency within an organization. This is not an easy task; not only do managers have to balance efficiency and effectiveness in order to deliver value, they must also comply with many organizational constraints (legal, regulatory, environmental, cultural). This can spread your resources thin and likely cause a process redesign initiative to lose momentum.

We believe processes need to be examined from the highest level, as holistically as possible. This goes beyond just gathering stakeholders from a variety of functional business units. It involves starting from the organizational mission or vision to gather the focus, executive buy-in, and the energy needed to see your initiative through to the end.


At Sanghi Consulting, we recommend undergoing three phases when evaluating an organization's processes:

Organize- Organize your strategy, people, and processes. Only then can you determine what problems need to be solved and how to solve them.

Optimize- Establish the optimum amount of efficiency a business process needs to deliver the maximum value possible.

Transform- You will be able to transform the way you see your business, and in so doing transform the way to you run your business for the better. Manage current processes and always continue to improve and optimize. 

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