Sanghi Consulting offers onsite Professional Development and Customized Training Sessions on a wide range of topics all centered around People, Process, and Projects. 


Benefits of SCI's Training 

  • Increasing internal capabilities without impacting your project schedule
  • Outcome focused results, accelerating your project's critical path  
  • Enhanced staff retention by quickly applying learning to actual on the job tasks 

Example of SCI's Customized Approach

  1. Identify tasks in your current project plan 
  2. Identify staff primarily responsible for those tasks (#1)
  3. Create a customized learning curriculum centered around tasks (#1) and staff (#2)
  4. Deliver on-site baseline training to impact core knowledge-base per #3
  5. On-Call/On-Site mentoring of staff as they execute tasks within the project plan (assurance that improved techniques deliver tangible project outcomes) 
  6. Iterative loop back to #1

SCI's Professional Development and Customized Training Sessions are build around three interwoven life cycles

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